Being at Higher Consciousness


A luxury hotel in bhimtal that makes you travel to a space where you can sit back with yourself and talk to your soul. Well maintained standardized luxury resort in bhimtal that provides a scenic view of mountain ranges, view facing windows, spacious balcony and a common space to sit out, a canonical wellness resorts in bhimtal

Deluxe Room With Mountain View

All the rooms are well appointed, providing the guests with a breath-taking view of the mountain ranges. The large windows make it possible to enjoy the outside view from the comfort of the bed.  In addition, the spacious balcony and common space provides for an ideal place to sit out and enjoy the view or, perhaps to meditate!

The rooms are equipped with the basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

Total Rooms: 12
Check In Time: 12 Noon
Check Out Time: 10:00 AM


  • Double Bed.
  • Table & Chair.
  • Windows (that open) room.
  • Hot and Cold running water.
  • Attached Bathroom.
  • Heater.
  • Private sitting Area outside the room.
  • Intercom connection.
Being at Higher Consciousness

Accomodation Level

The Satvik retreat has been designed on a unique architectural concept; constructed along seven levels (each level corresponding to the chakra of the human body). Each level is named after the corresponding chakra of the human body.

Level One :

Level 1 is the Muladhar, the entry point from where one proceeds to level 2. (Photo of Driveway)

Level Two :

This is the Swadishthan that houses the office and reception. (Photo of reception)

Level Three :

This level is the Manipur which has the kitchen and the Satvik Restaurant.  Sitting on chowkis, the guest enjoys the authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine (ayurveda based food). The entire staff is attired in traditional Indian wear. (Photo of restaurant)

Level Four, Five & Six :

Levels 4, 5 & 6 are named as Anahata, Vishuddha and Aagnya respectively. There are four rooms at each level, each with an individual spacious balcony, bordered with potted plants (that enable demarcate the balcony of each room. As all the terraces face the rising sun, every room has been named after a particular asana of the Surya Namaskaar, providing a majestic view to the guest.

Level seven:

Level 7 Called Sahasraar  has a hall for yoga. The Yoga hall in the Sahasraar doubles up as a reading room, equipped with designer wrought iron furniture, placed in the balcony outside for the guest to sit out and enjoy the panoramic Mountain View while reading or relaxing. (photo hall and balcony)

Description :

The entry to the retreat is from the east and is glazed from a height of 3’6” upwards that help enjoy the view as well as the light. The rear walls have a wide air and light protected opening between them with a mural finish retention walls behind, allowing for sufficient fresh air and light.

The retreat has several small garden terraces with benches that enable the guests to enjoy nature to its fullest. A relaxing oil therapy is available, that is performed by trained staff. (photo room with balcony)