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To our earlier visitors we wish to assure that the old site has not disappeared neither is there any change in the ownership or management. What has happened that as our work grew and diversified over the last 12 years, necessitating our creating different websites to communicate our latest offerings and status.

As a result is the parent site to the following:

You would find whatever you needed to find earlier in by going to one of the links above.

We have explained in the following lines what you would find in which of our websites.

The Satvik Resort website would contain information on our resort, colloquially referred as Satvik Sadan. About location and accommodation.

Celebrating Love holiday plans website would provide information on the types of plans for couples to choose from for their romantic getaway, honeymoon holidays, or togetherness holidays.

Shukl’acharya’s yoga & Vedic programmes website would provide information on the various programmes and course that are currently conducted or facilitated by Shukl’acharya on yoga and Vedic studies.

Guest Review

Shri Jayant Acharya from JVSL, Mumbai and Shri Joydeep Acharya from Tata AIG, New Delhi had come with families and parents. Very Nice & Quite Ambience. Is different from the regular routine experi…
Shri Jayant Acharya & Shri Joydeep Acharya

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